Spring 2017 – Math 150 HW

Statistics for Clinical Trials

Math 150 HW Schedule, Spring 2017

Jo Hardin
2351 Millikan

Office Hours: Tuesday 10am-12pm, Thursday 1-3:30pm, or by appointment

Mentor: Yichen Lu — Monday 7-9pm in Millikan 1021

Text: Practicing Statistics, Kuiper & Sklar (CD information (datasets and R code) on Sakai.)

Important Dates:

  • 3/8/17 Midterm
  • 4/26/17 Research Project due  (draft due earlier)
  • 5/11/17 Final Exam – 2pm


Mon 4/17Read: “Why Most Published Research Findings are False“, Ioannidis, PLoS Medicine, 2005  

Date Activity Due HW Due Handouts
Wed 1/18      
Mon 1/23

Chp 2: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6

Activity 1 (R scaffold)



Wed 1/25   HW #1 / Chp 2:
A10, A11, A12, E1, E2, E3, E4HW 1 (R suggestions)
Mon 1/30 Chp 6: A6, A7, A8, A17, A18 (remember that R code is on the CD for the text and on Sakai)    
Wed 2/1   HW #2 / Chp 2 & 6:


Mon 2/6 Chp 6: A22, A23, A24 (pencil is fine, no R necessary)

NYT article about age links

   Advice:  knit early and often.  Do NOT wait until you’ve finished the assignment to try knitting for the first time.
Wed 2/8   HW #3 / Chp 6:
E7, E11, E12
Mon 2/13 Chp 7: A1, A2,

A3 (use R), A4


Wed 2/15   HW #4 / Chp 7:
E1 (a), (b), (c); E2 no part (e); E3 no part (d) [Do the Wald tests, don’t do the likelihood ratio tests]
Mon 2/20 Chp 7: A15 & A16   Simpson’s Paradox w logistic regression
Wed 2/22   HW #5 / Chp 7:
E1 (c); E2 (c) & (d); E3 (b), E5, E6
Mon 2/27 nothing (read the news article)   Multicollinearity w logistic regression 
Wed 3/1   HW #6/Chp 7:
E9 no part (d), E10
Mon 3/6 nothing     

HW #7 / Chp 7:
E11, E12 (for both: justify your answer using ALL of AIC, BIC, drop-in-deviance test)

Look at handout from class to do HW
Mon 3/20      
Wed 3/22 (Not HW, just turn in to me, with pencil)

Chp 9: A2, A4, A5 

  more logistic analysis

Mon 3/27 Read the ProPublica article on sentencing

Chp 9: A37 – A42 

  Survival in R
Wed 3/29   HW #8 / Chp 9:

E5, E6, A26, A27, A28

(ok to do HW with pencil)

Mon 4/3    1st project due date (names and EDA) project data 
Wed 4/5   HW #9 / Chp 9:

E4, E11, E12, E13 

Mon 4/10      CHD handout
Wed 4/12  

HW #10 / Chp 9:

A45, A46, A47, E10,

and for E11 & E12:

(1) check proportional hazard assumptions for treatment KM curves,

(2) use all explanatory variables and likelihood ratio test to come up with the best model

Fri 4/14    2nd project due date (outline of new topic) project data 
Mon 4/17 Read Ioannidis (2005) PLoS Medicicine “Why Most Published Research Findings are False”    
Wed 4/19      optional project due date (completed rough draft) 
Mon 4/24 Read NYT on ethics of clinical trials    
Wed 4/26    Final project due date  project data  
Mon 5/1 Want More Trust in Medical Science? Embrace Uncertainty and Cut the Hype.  


What is behind an FDA stamp?

HW 11 assignment .pdf , HW 11 assignment .Rmd , Dataset  Interim Analyses 
Wed 5/3 Visualization presentations     
Thursday 5/11     Final Exam 2pm