Theses Advised

Theses Advised as First Reader

Camille Cole, “Mesopotamia: Empire, Environment, and the River Worlds of Nineteenth-Century Iraq” (2012, honors). Gates Cambridge Scholar, 2012-2013. Graduate Fellow, Yale University, Department of History, 2013-present.

Colleen Howe, “Jean-Baptiste Du Halde and the Description of Eighteenth-Century Central Asia” (2013).

Claire Anderson, “The Evolving Sea: A Deep History of the Nineteenth-Century Indian Ocean” (2015, honors).¬†Graduate Fellow, Harvard University, Department of History, 2018-present.

Anisha Bhat, “From African to Afri-‘Khan’: Slavery, Empire, and Siddi African Networks in Early Modern India” (2015, honors). Gates Cambridge Scholar, 2015-2016. Graduate Fellow, Northwestern University, Department of History, 2016-present.

Aaran Patel, “The City of Sea and Smoke: Nineteenth-Century Bombay, the Parsis, and the Malwa Opium Trade” (2015).

Niyati Shenoy, “The Brief Wondrous Life of Toru Dutt: A Tale of Travel, Education, and Culture in Colonial Bengal” (2015, honors). Graduate Fellow, Columbia University, Department of History, 2017-present.

Amelia DeSnoo, “Empire, Ruins, and the Rediscovery of the Silk Roads” (2016, honors). Fulbright Scholar, 2016-2017.

Matthew Bainum, “Science and the Search for Oil in Mandate Iraq” (2017).

Beshouy Botros, “Imperial Egypt and Slavery in the Sudan, 1820-1881” (2017, honors).

Sana Khan, “Mah Laqa of the Deccan: Poetry, Architecture, and Sovereignty in Colonial Hyderabad” (2017, honors). Cambridge Downing Scholarship, 2017-2018.

J.D. Kieffer, “Early Modern Eurasian Empires and Persianate Legends of Alexander the Great” (2017).

Noah Lesko-Kanowitz, “An Environmental History of Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Palestine” (2017).

Meghana Ravikumar, “The Devadasi, Law, and Gender in Colonial India” (2017, honors).