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We have another new addition to the BFS Invertebrate List — the Wooly Darkling Beetle, Eleodes osculans. This species was found by Dr. Paul Stapp’s Cal State Fulllerton Mammalogy class, who collected it in their rodent traps. Prof. Stapp adds, “like other tenebrionids, they seem to really like the peanut butter and oats we bait our traps with! I suspect they are quite common but an attractive beetle nonetheless.”

<em>Eleodes osculans</em>, Wooly Darkling Beetle, in Webb Canyon.  Photo by Harsi Parker.

Eleodes osculans, Wooly Darkling Beetle, in Webb Canyon. Photo ©2008 Harsi S. Parker.

This “wooly” beetle can be identified by the erect, reddish-brown hair on the elytra (the hardened forewings of beetles that protect the flight posterior wings). Many thanks to Harsi Parker for allowing us to use her photo!

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