Past Research

Final Research Projects

The COMET Study

(COVID-19 On Maternal Experiences and Temperament)

The COMET study is a longitudinal examination of the effects that COVID-19 has on mothers and their children. This National Science Foundation (NSF) funded study focuses on stress, mental and physical health, and the long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our study utilized several remote techniques that enabled us to obtain biological data, questionnaire data, and interview data. Gathering this information will help us understand more about how we can help families be more resilient.

The ARCH Study

(Advancing Research in College [student] Health)

The ARCH study is a longitudinal, comprehensive investigation of risk and resilience factors among college students. We are particularly interested in how personality, relationships and early life experiences influence health behaviors and adjustment in college students. Our study takes a multi-method approach – we include psychological, behavioral and physiological assessments. Participants will also have the chance to learn about their personality and sleep habits!

Past Research

STAR Study (2017-2019): A comprehensive, longitudinal investigation of family dynamics and their influences on children’s social-emotional development.

PARENT Study (2013-2017): Tested a clinical intervention to help mothers reflect on the positive aspects of their relationships with their children.

Child Attachment Study (2009-2011): Investigated child attachment, parent development, and the responses of parents and children to vulnerability vignettes.

Deployment Study (2009-2012): Tested an intervention to help military spouses reflect on the positive aspects of their relationships with deployed partners.

Puzzle Study (2011-2012):  Children were asked to complete impossible puzzle tasks to explore how they handle stressful situations.

TAP Study (2013-2014): Explored parent and child responses to a stressful situation involving an impossible puzzle.

Working Moms (2014): Studied guilt in working moms and dads.