Textbooks research

I conducted research on American high school and college textbooks from 2012-2015, focusing in particular on whether and how those textbooks enable students to develop their capacities for effective civic engagement, and to become active democratic citizens.

High School Textbook Project

My first project investigated high school civics textbook content on the interdependence of American governments and private actors, particularly private business corporations.  This site has the rubrics I used to ensure that my reading of the textbooks was consistent:

College Textbook Project

My second project raised similar questions for college textbooks on American government.


I pursued this work with substantial assistance of undergraduate students at Pomona College, to whom I am deeply grateful:

  • Emily Hayes
  • Charles Herman
  • Jeremy Marks
  • Sonia Marton
  • Chad Powell
  • Tena Thau
  • Jeffrey Zalesin