“Real World of Interdependence” rubric

Below is the rubric used in compiling data for what became David Menefee-Libey, Charles Herman, Chad Powell, and Jeffrey Zalesin, “The Real World of Interdependence of Governments and Corporations: What We Know vs. What We Teach,” Utah Law Review 2014, no. 4 (2014), 927-949.

Corporations and Governments
Textbook rubric
June 2012

Glossary entry for “corporation?”
Index entries for
Look through section headings for treatment of corporations in sections on
            Interest groups/lobbying
            Campaign contributions
            Econ development policy
            Business regulation
            Public (quasi-governmental) corporations
IF corporations covered, does the text mention?
            Charter & purpose
            Different types
            Corporate personhood
            Limited liability
            Sale of shares
            Management/shareholder separation
            Perpetual life
            Flexible purpose
            Legal rights