WordPress Quickstart for Research Pages

Located at the Pomona ITS website.

Don't Panic

ITS also has a WordPress Quickstart for Faculty. It’s written for faculty who are running a class blog, but managing your posts and pages works exactly the same here.

If you’re curious, you could also take a look at the official WordPress documentation. In particular, it might be helpful to review some of the Administration Panels. But don’t worry about any of the technical documentation — ITS will manage the software for you.

Accounts and Passwords Quick Tips:

Once you’re logged in, WordPress is very easy to use. Here’s a few pointers to help get you over the “logging in” hurdle.

How to Login

How to Change Your Password

On sign-up, you will be emailed a random password. To change your password to something more memorable:

  • Login
  • Click the Users tab in top menu, on far right
  • Click on Your Profile name to go to “Your Profile and Personal Options”
  • Change password at bottom.
  • You mush enter your new password twice.
  • Note: The Good/Bad tool measures the strength of your password. It’s role is only advisory, however it’s advice is useful.

How to Recover a Lost Password

  • On the login screen below the login window, click on “Lost your password?”
  • Enter your user name or your email.
  • You will receive a new random password to the email address you are registered with.
  • Note: Because it is machine generated, this email could end up in your spam folder.

Help us improve this with your questions and comments. The Research Server is managed by Jason Brown: jason.brown@pomona.edu

You can also contact the Instructional Technology Group at itg@pomona.edu