Welcome to the Pomona College’s High-Performance Computing site. HPC, also known as Highly Performing Computing or Highly Parallel Computing, is part of the Information Technology Services initiative to support research computing and teaching research. For more information on how to access the HPC environment please head to http://hpc.pomona.edu or contact us at its-hpc@pomona.edu. Probably read the website first. Yes, definitely the website first.

We will be posting regular updates about the progress of the build-out, interesting use cases, and we invite you to the discussion about the future of HPC at Pomona College and in Liberal Arts, in general.

First RCAG Meeting since HPC department was created. Enhanced using PolarrĀ “20s Restored” filter. The original photo was too blurry to use.

This is an example of what AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do with a blurry photograph. This is just one of many examples of technology affecting our lives for better or for worse. An example of “better” is the process of salvaging the picture that would not otherwise be used and having fun in the process of applying various filters, and an example of “worse” could be a “fake” picture enhanced to portray something that never happenedĀ but so realistically only professional tools can discern the difference.




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Sponge Dabbed
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Artist’s Sketch
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Early Autumn
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