Ekeka Abazie, New to HPC Support Team, Interviews Kevin Ayala, an HPC Support Veteran

Ekeka Abazie, New to HPC Support Team, Interviews Kevin Ayala, an HPC Support Veteran

Ekeka, left. Kevin, right.

Ekeka: What are your goals as a member of HPC?

Kevin: I want to learn more about computers in general and more about new technology that is coming out.

Ekeka: What brought you to join HPC?

Kevin: A total accident. I was there to get my computer fixed, but they had a talk about video games. Ms. Shklyar was talking about 3D printing which interested me a lot. When I told her [that I was interested], she encouraged me to apply.

Ekeka: What is the coolest thing you’ve done in HPC so far?

Kevn: Raspberry Pi, because it’s a tiny computer that I’m homing from my own computer which looks a lot like what hackers do.

Ekeka: How does working in HPC differ from that of other jobs?

Kevin: A lot of learning; it really encourages you to do what you want to do. It doesn’t require experience but allows you to take on projects and learn as you go.

Ekeka: What recommendations do you have for new recruits to HPC?

Kevin: Don’t be afraid to try out new projects. Everyone is learning on the go and you can, too.

Ekeka: What were some initial problems you encountered when you joined HPC?

Kevin: Vocabulary; and since I joined halfway in the semester, I felt like I needed to catch up, because everyone seemed to know so much more.

Ekeka: What is your planned major or area of expertise?

Kevin: Computer science and I will try and double major in Cognitive Science.

Ekeka: How has HPC advanced your understanding of computer science?

Kevin: A lot; I learned about computer networking, a lot of technical terms, and biggest of all, I learned about computer concepts [and how to use them]. That little foundation allows you to get more information easily.

Ekeka: Describe your most interesting interaction with Ms. Shklyar?

Kevin: We were working on the 3D printer one day, and she said to switch it out with a laser engraver. When we asked her how to do it, she said that she didn’t know and handed me and my friend a manual.

Ekeka: What are some changes that you’ve noticed in HPC since you first started?

Kevin: A lot more people, and a deeper focus on cloud services and High Performance Computing. When I first joined, it started off more focused on the specific technologies that were in the lab.


Author: Amin Nash

HPC Support - Blog Editor CGU Student - Master's in English '20