Brendan Interviews The Quietest Member of HPC Support

Brendan Interviews the Quietest Member of HPC Support
Brendan Ly interviewed Sabina Kou in April, asking how her background fits for HPC Support, and what have been some of her experiences so far.


Sabina Kou (Pomona, Economics) and Brendan Ly (Pomona, Computer Science)

Sabina: I decided to apply for HPC because I needed an on-campus job and this one was the one that appealed the most to me. In high school, I did a lot of Computer Science (I was the founder / president of the Hack Club and the Computer Programming Club) and I took classes in AP Computer Science and whatnot.

When I applied for college, I applied specifically for Computer Science, but that changed when I got to Pomona because I heard mixed reviews on committing to Computer Science and I didn’t want to make that sort of commitment. Now I am an Economics major and a Math minor.

Last semester, I was trained to use the 3D printer and VR equipment, and I also got to show some people the lab. I was on the Bio-Art project but when school became busy, I was unable to do much for it. I decided to stay with HPC because I like the type of boss Asya is, and I actually do enjoy our meetings and projects.

HPC actually helped me learn how to communicate better and manage myself and time better.