DIY Easy Smart Mirror

Ever Wanted to Make a Do It Yourself Smart Mirror? Lindsey Tam Tells You How, Step by Step.

Making a smart mirror is a fun DIY project that anyone can do. A smart mirror is a device where a mirror is placed behind a screen that displays information such as the time, the weather, or the date. More advanced smart mirrors also support touch screen capabilities. Personally, I do not want a touch screen mirror (who wants to deal with constant smudges and fingerprints?) so I opted for a simpler display.

I chose to use a tablet as the technology behind the class. You could also use a monitor and a Raspberry Pi behind the glass, but this would require programming. There is a lot of documentation online so it would be straightforward to download code online. Both of these methods would require the mirror to be charged 24/7.

My Materials:

  1. A shadow box frame (37’ x 17’)
  2. A 7’ Amazon fire tablet + Charger
  3. White wood spray paint
  4. Two-way Acrylic Mirror
  5. Black masking tape + Black construction paper
  6. D nails


  1. Start by disassembling a shadowbox frame.


Take the backing off of the frame and cover it with black paper.



It is important to cover with black paper because the darker it is on the inside, the better and clearer the mirror will be.

2. Download a smart mirror app on your tablet.





The app I am using is called Digital Wall Clock.

If there is no smart mirror app, you can look for apps such as “clock display” or “always on”. I feel that Android tablets support better smart mirror apps, but I chose an Amazon tablet because I happened to have it lying around. What I like about my Amazon tablet is that it supports Alexa. So my mirror is not just a display, but is also capable of playing music and videos through voice commands.

3. Drill holes in the back of the board to allow sound to pass through. I added an additional hole at the bottom for the wiring.


4. Use masking tape to securely fasten the device onto the board. I also taped down the wiring onto the board.



5. Place the mirror on the inside of the frame and seal the back using D hooks. I manually screwed these by hand. For extra security, I also added a layer of black tape.



Note: I got my mirror online from The quality is very poor, but their rates were the most affordable.


And you are done! The end product is a unique and fun spin to a traditional mirror. The materials are easily accessible and assembly is fast. Now, you are not only able to see your reflection, but can also monitor time and listen to music. This project makes a great gift and is an excellent accessory to have in the home. You can modify your mirror to your liking and the possibilities are endless!

By Lindsey Tam