ITS Welcomes Asya Shklyar

Surfing the HPC waves
Illustration by Melanie Sisneros, ITS

Pomona College ITS is excited to welcome Asya Shklyar in the position of Director of High Performance Computing, and with her arrival, announce the creation of the High Performance Computing division within Pomona ITS.

Asya comes to us from a rich background of working in research computing, data management, and systems design. She says she has been building systems since the age of 17 and from that point, she has worked as a system administrator and engineer for international biotechnology companies such as Invitrogen, Counsyl, and Roche Life Sciences, as well as for aerospace company SpaceX. She is particularly proud of how her work at Roche Life Sciences allowed her to increase revenue for the company by connecting the business aspects of the company to the power of HPC and Data Management. Much of her career, she has supported research from an industrial perspective and she is excited to now have the opportunity to apply her skills to an academic setting.

In her first few months at Pomona, Asya will be speaking with every department to gather information about the projects faculty are working on and the kinds of specific research computing needs that already exist on campus. While much of the initial interest in HPC has come from the sciences, she wants to promote the opportunities that HPC creates for the arts and humanities and hopes she will be able to facilitate projects across academic divisions.

Asya brings a great deal of energy to the position and a passion for the many real-world applications of High Performance Computing. In particular, she is passionate about the tangible good that HPC capabilities can bring to the world; she cites environmental, medical, and resource delivery systems as examples of the real-life good work currently happening and powered by these systems. She also personally works to promote the inclusion of more women in technology and research computing. Her personal interests in the field include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual/augmented reality. She hopes to be able to bring VR learning and teaching opportunities to Pomona. Above all else, Asya comes at her role with the vision of being able to empower others to build and create their own things- she wants to help make your research project or creative endeavor possible!

by Kaelin Swift, ITS