NSF–EAR Deep Earth Processes (Petrology and Geochemistry) (2021-2024)

Title: “EAR– 2105370: Collaborative Research: Contribution of mafic magmatism to upper crustal batholiths: A case study of the Sierra Nevada batholith”– Co-PI with C. Bucholz (Caltech).

Pomona Budget: $104,344

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation—Science Division (2016-2017)

Title: “GBMF5417: Equipment to Establish an Isotope Instrument Laboratory For The Claremont Colleges”– Principal Investigator with Co-PIs Bob Gaines (Pomona Geology) and Marc Los-Huertos (Pomona Environmental Analysis Program)

Pomona Budget: $922,816

NSF– Frontiers in Earth System Dynamics (2013-2018)

Title: “OCE-1338842: Long-Term Climate Change During the Cretaceous CO2 Greenhouse: Feedbacks Between The Deep Earth, Oceans, and Atmosphere”—Co-Principal Investigator (5 PIs at 5 Institutions)

Pomona Budget: $466,785 of $4.3 Million
: Expired

Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement (Cottrell Grant) (2012-2015)

Title: “An Integrated Study Of The Enzymology, Microbiology And Geology Of Sulfur-Based Respiration: From Molecular Mechanisms To The Bio And Geosphere” —Co-Principal Investigator with E.J. Crane and M. Sazinsky (Pomona Biology and Chemistry)

Pomona Budget: $100,000

NSF–EAR Deep Earth Processes Section (Petrology and Geochemistry) (2010-2013)

Title: “EAR–0948706: Collaborative Research: Deciphering Sierran Magma Sources and Modes of Diversification Using Trace Element, O, and Hf Isotopic Analyses of Zircon”—Principal Investigator with Jonathan Miller (San Jose State)

Pomona Budget: $87,145
Status: Expired

NSF Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Program (2009-2012)

Title: “DUE-0942447: XRF as a Tool for Curricular Enhancement in Earth Systems and Environmental Chemistry”—Principal Investigator (of 3 Pomona College PIs)                                                                                                                         Amount: $200,000
Status: Expired

ACS–Petroleum Research Fund (Undergraduate New Investigator 2009-2012)

Title: “PRF# 50152-UNI8: Sandstone Silicification in a Caldera Lake: Implications for Cementation at High Geothermal Gradients”— Principal Investigator

Amount: $50,000
Status: Expired

Keck Geology Consortium  (2010-2011)

Title: “Pluton-Wallrock Interactions in the Sequoia Region: Evaluating Crustal Contamination in the Early Sierran Arc”— a 6-student Keck project with co-principal investigator Stacy Loewy (CSU-Bakersfield).

Amount:  $40,200
Status: Expired

Keck Geology Consortium (2006-2007)

Title: “Nova Scotia: Evolution of a Continental Margin”— a 9-student Keck project with co-principal investigator Hilary Sanders (Kent State University).

Amount:  $54,100
Status: Expired