We have built Pomona Geology’s labs up considerably since 2007. A Rigaku XRD was installed in 2008 and in 2010 we established an X-ray Fluorescence Laboratory, which uses an Axios wavelength-dispersive spectrometer from a wide range of major, minor, and trace elements on low dilution, doubly fused glass beads. In 2017 the Oxtoby Isotope Laboratory was founded with a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. It is built around a Thermo Delta V stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer with various front ends for C-O-H-N-S isotopes in carbonates, organic matter, hydrous minerals, waters, foods, etc. The lab also has a 193 excimer laser attached to a Agilent 8900 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with which we preform routine geochronology and examine mineral trace element zoning patters for various studies. Here is the link to the main lab website.


Glowing Crucibles Containing Glass Mixture of Rock and Flux