Former students

Charis Quay Huei Li (’01, summa cum laude) PhD in physics, Stanford University, is currently working as an Assistant Professor , Universite Paris XI.


Kirstin Walther (’01, summa cum laude) PhD in bio-physics, Columbia University, is currently working at Max Planck Institute.

Iva Zaharieva (’01) PhD in applied physics, Harvard University.

Tania Henry (’02) PhD in electrical engineering, Yale University.

Katie Boates (’03)

Alice Gachora (’03)

Muluwork Geremew (’03): M.Eng, University of MD; National Black Engineer of the Year, is currently working at Corning.

Phoebe Judge (’03) PhD in geology, Cornell University.

Maggie Trias (’03) PhD in physics, Yale, currently working at Spider Sense.

Danthu Vu (’03) is currently working at Picarro, Inc.

Michelle Boudreau (’04) is working on a PharmD, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Elizabeth Fenstermacher (‘04) is currently in medical school, Washington University School of Medicine.

Christina Loizidou (‘05) MSc, Environmental Change and Management, University of Oxford, Mphil, Management, University of Cambridge, is currently working at KPMG.

Evelyn Kapusta (‘05) M. Eng in electrical engineering at MIT; she was formerly a scientist at Raytheon.

Reja Amatya (’05, Smith College) PhD in electrical engineering at MIT.

Zariat Afrin (‘06) Georgia Institute of Technology.

Preema Pais (‘06) is working on a PhD in particle physics at the University of Massachusetts.

Whitney Rockwell (‘06) is currently working at Raytheon.

Bidita Tithi (07) is working on a PhD in geography at the University of California, Davis.

Diane Crenshaw (07) is working on a PhD in physics education, Columbia University, formerly worked as a physics teacher in the Miami Dade school district.

Elizabeth Merrit (07) is working on a PhD in physics at the University of New Mexico.

Adam Kaplan (’07, Amherst College) is working at Princeton Consultants, Inc.

Katie Greenberg (’09, summa cum laude) won a Gates Scholarship and earned a M.S. in physics at Cambridge University, is currently working on a PhD in Applied Physics at Harvard University.

Sara Martin (’10) is attending medical school, Harvard University.

Susu Yan (’10) is currently working on a PhD in medical physics, Duke University.

Sweta Khanal (’12)

Amelia Plunk (’12) is currently working on PhD in physics at Northwestern University.

Achyut Schrestha (’12, Hampshire College) is currently working as a physics teacher at School for Tomorrow.

Hexuan Wang (’12) is currently working on a PhD in physics at Cornell.

Martha Segovia (’13) Science Scholar.

Lorelle Pye (’13) is currently working on a PhD in optics at CREOL at the University of Central Florida.

Jessica Freese (’13), Applications Engineer, Inrad Optics

Alena McNamara (‘13)

Madilena Mendiola (’15)

Fernando Ayala, Mechanical Engineering student, San Jose State University

Mark Hallman (’18)

Kyle Allison (’18), PhD student in physics, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ana Sofia de Olazarra (’18), PhD student in electrical engineering, Stanford

Tyler Jones


Former postdocs

Noam Katz is a staff scientist at WiTricity Corporation.

Dietrich Lüerßen is a scientist at Oxford Gene Technology.

Maryam Farzaneh is an assistant professor of physics at Denison College.

Joe Summers is a PIC test development engineer at Infinera.

Kevin McCarthy is a research scientist at Raytheon.

Kadhair Al-Hemyari is an engineer at Intel