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August 2009 – a new hope…

Remembering that I have a website over here too. Yay!

Notes – 2008.10.17

  • Finishing WordPress upgrades on Projects
  • Finishing first version of Research theme – oh yeah.
  • Make more modular? Includes for menu, first widget, etc? Allow more easily custom child themes, that only change bits of the default, like making custom menu links without having to keep the whole child header up to date

notes for 08.10.03

  • test scenarios for personal pages (like so)
  • collate expense receipts for both conferences
  • ITG meeting
  • faculty blog?

notes for 08.10.02

  • Set up author list widget on Research and Blogs – seems to work.
  • User rank plugin will require a custom page template
  • Better collate and transcribe those conference notes before they fade into a blur of unreadable runes
  • Test more themes, find the ideal minimalist personal website template
  • Essay question: Exactly how do you get started with Cascade?
  • SuperOmini Web Roadmap: go!
  • general webdev:
    • Mime/Leabhart
    • Art Dept
    • Research
    • WASC
  • New Research themes:
    • Emptiness
    • Infinium
    • Modern
    • P Clean
    • Plane Jane

Hello world!

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