How do I add a student to my Sakai Course?

To add a student to your Sakai course:

  1. Login to Sakai
  2. Go to the course where you would like to add the student.
  3. Select the “Site Info” tool in the menu to the left.
  4. Select “Add Participants” from the top menu.
  5. Use the top box for Claremont Colleges users and add the student ID.
  6. Next a page will show the students name at the bottom, a the top select “Auditor”, hit continue.

Important Note: For student accounts you must select the “Auditor” role. Doing so will allow the student information enrollment system to automatically change their status to “Student”. ┬áIf you select “Student” the login ID will be changed to “Inactive” and there will be no access.

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