Classes and Office Hours

Parental Leave in Spring 2019

I am on leave for Spring semester 2019. I am happy to discuss questions about my research, past or future classes, or any other topics by email.

Please feel free to come by my office (Edmunds 113) with questions about my classes, or about general topics in CS or possible research work together. I’m also happy to schedule specific meeting times outside of office hours for non-class-related questions.

Fall 2018

  • CSCI 054 PO—Discrete Math and Functional Programming

    This required course builds knowledge and familiarity with fundamental discrete math concepts and proof techniques using a formal-first approach in the Coq theorem prover.

  • CSCI 151 PO—Artificial Intelligence

    This fast-paced elective surveys key algorithms and areas of artificial intelligence as automated decision-making. We can think of decision-making in terms of, for example, optimization, discrimination, or generation, and examine the tradeoffs that algorithms make due to focusing on one or another of these types of decision-making in the presence of other constraints (continuous or discrete domains of interest, the availability of a model, utility function, or other domain knowledge, and so on).