Spring 2021 – Math 58B HW

Spring 2021 Math 58B HW Schedule

Introduction to Biostatistics

Math 58B, Spring 2021

Jo Hardin
2351 Estella Laboratory

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Office Hours (on Discord, see Sakai for link):

Tuesday 8:30-9:30am PT and 1:30 – 3pm PT

Thursday 7-8am PT and 12-2pm PT

Friday 9-10:30am PT

or by appointment

Mentors: TBD

Important Websites:

Exam 1 (date: Friday, March 5)

Exam 2 (date: Friday, April 30)

Final Islands Project:

3/31/21: Pilot Study — research question, methods section, preliminary data

4/14/21: Power Analysis – calculation of sample size from the Pilot data

4/21/21: Preliminary Data Analysis — data summaries / visualizations, first draft of analysis, including regression

5/5/21: Full Draft – including multiple regression

5/7/21: Presentation — 2 slides, < 5 min presentation during lab time.  You can create a video if you prefer to send that instead of presenting.

5/13/21: Final (edited) Project

5/13/21: Project Rubric

Text: I will follow Introductory to Modern Statistics reasonably closely (https://openintro-ims.netlify.app/).  I have posted the daily sections on the course homework page. It would do you well to read over the text before we cover the material in class.

Many of the examples and all of the applets will be taken from Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, and Methods, by Chance & Rossman (if you want to see the details of the examples, you can purchase the R version of the text (.pdf) here for $5: http://www.rossmanchance.com/iscam3/).

ISCAM website with homework & applets



  • Homework will be assigned from the text, posted online, and due to Gradescope every Friday at midnight PT.
    • One homework grade will be dropped.
    • HW is graded on a scale of 5/4/3/2/1. See the first HW assignment for more information.  One point will be deducted if superfluous information is printed or if assignment is excessively long. 
    • All R HW problems should be turned in as pdf documents compiled from an R Markdown file.  Remember:  knit early and often!
  • Labs will be posted online by Friday mornings and due to Gradescope Wednesday at midnight PT.
    • In an ideal world, you will work on the lab synchronously with your classmates on Fridays at 11am PT.  If you are working asynchronously, let’s try to find a group for you for the labs.
    • One lab grade will be dropped.
    • Labs are graded on a scale of 5/4/3/2/1. See the first lab assignment for more information.  One point will be deducted if superfluous information is printed or if assignment is excessively long. 
    • All labs should be turned in as pdf documents compiled from an R Markdown file.  Remember:  knit early and often!
Date Topic IMS section

(base text with HW and reference material)

ISCAM investigation

(mostly in-class examples & applets)

Lab due:


(midnight PT)

HW due:


(midnight PT)

Handouts / article link

for class discussion



(due by 5pm PT next day, Gradescope)

Mon 1/25 helper infants   Inv 1.1       Warm-up 1: 1/25
Wed 1/27 variables & studies 1.2, 1.4       just read through once (don’t need to know all the details)

Trial Design of AstraZenica

Warm-up 2: 1/27

Fri 1/29

  2   R & the tidyverse

(see next week for the assignment)

syllabus quiz (not a real “quiz”): syllquiz.Rmd syllquiz.pdf    
Mon 2/1 two quantitative variables & correlation 3.1 Inv 5.7       Warm-up 3: 2/1
Wed 2/3 least square regression 3.2 Inv 5.8 Lab#1  as .pdf

Lab#1 as .Rmd

    Warm-up 4: 2/3

Fri 2/5

plotting & modeling       HW#1  as .pdf

HW#1 as .Rmd

Mon 2/8 introduction to hypothesis testing 5       (heads up: about Covid-19 deaths and race)

Deaths by Race and Ethnicity

Warm-up 5: 2/8
Wed 2/10 randomization test 5.1   Lab#2  as .pdf

Lab#2 as .Rmd

    Warm-up 6: 2/10

Fri 2/12

infer 5.1     HW#2  as .pdf

HW#2 as .Rmd

Mon 2/15 introduction to confidence intervals 5.2 Inv 1.10     New Drugs Stir Debate on Rules of Clinical Trials Warm-up 7: 2/15
Wed 2/17 bootstrapping     Lab#3  as .pdf

Lab#3 as .Rmd

    Warm-up 8: 2/17

Fri 2/19

infer       HW#3  as .pdf

HW#3 as .Rmd

Mon 2/22 CLT 5.3       Is Alcohol Good for You?

(pdf version on Sakai)

Warm-up 9: 2/22
Wed 2/24 math approx     Lab #4 as .pdf

Lab #4 as .Rmd

    Warm-up 10: 2/24

Fri 2/26

The Islands       HW #4 as .pdf

HW #4 as .Rmd

Mon 3/1 one proportion / power 6.1 Inv 1.7     Cholesterol-Fighting Drugs Show Wider Benefit

Also this paragraph:

Pfizer and BioNTech said they had identified 94 cases of COVID-19 among 43,538 trial participants. The companies did not indicate how many of those cases were in the placebo group or among those who got the vaccine. But they said that the split of cases between the groups suggested that the vaccine was more than 90% effective at preventing disease, when measured at least one week after trial participants had received a second vaccine dose 3 weeks after the first. The trial will continue until a total of 164 COVID-19 cases are detected, so initial estimates of the vaccine’s effectiveness could change.

Warm-up 11: 3/1
Wed 3/3 sampling 1.3 Inv 1.12 Lab #5 as .doc

(not due!)

HW #5 as .pdf

HW #5 as .Rmd

(due Wed not Fri!)

  Warm-up 12: 3/3

Fri 3/5


Exam 1 (take home)

        Exam pick-up and drop-off on Gradescope   
Mon 3/8 spring break            
Wed 3/10 spring break            
Mon 3/15 two proportions 6.2       What does efficacy mean? Warm-up 13: 3/15
Wed 3/17 relative risk vs

odds ratios

    no lab due     Warm-up 14: 3/17
Lab: Fri 3/19 Randomization Test and  Bootstrapping for RR & OR       no HW due    
Mon 3/22 RR & OR — types of studies         read (at least) the paragraphs: “Study Design” and Bivariate Analyses

Case-Control Study of Use of Personal Protective Measures and Risk for SARS-CoV 2 Infection, Thailand

Warm-up 15: 3/22
Wed 3/24 chi-squared test 6.3   Lab #6 as .pdf

Lab #6 as .Rmd

    Warm-up 16: 3/24

Fri 3/26


Cesar Chavez Day

      HW #6 as .pdf

HW #6 as .Rmd

Mon 3/29 one mean 7.1       What does “no effect” mean?



Response to Editorial

Full article (no need to read the entire thing)

Warm-up 17: 3/29
Wed 3/31 one means 7.2   Pilot Study due     Warm-up 18: 3/31

Fri 4/2

randomization & bootstrapping for two means       HW #7 as .pdf

HW #7 as .Rmd

Mon 4/5 two means 7.3       What is behind an FDA stamp? Warm-up 19: 4/5
Wed 4/7 t-procedures (summary) 7.4   Lab #8 as .pdf

Lab #8 as .Rmd

    Warm-up 20: 4/7

Fri 4/9

Power analysis for two means (no meeting)       HW #8 as .pdf

HW #8 as .Rmd

This cheat sheet might also be helpful  
Mon 4/12 ANOVA 7.5       Power dynamics in science

Science problems

Abuse of Power

Ioannidis is known for:

Why Most Published Research Findings are False 

PLoS Medicine, 2005


Warm-up 21: 4/12
Wed 4/14 Inference regression 8.1   Lab #9 is power analysis for project     Warm-up 22: 4/14

Fri 4/16

Modeling in R for Islands Project (we will meet)       HW #9 as .pdf

HW #9 as .Rmd

Mon 4/19 Model conditions 8.2       Public health, vaccines, and laws

Jacobson v. Massachusetts

Warm-up 23: 4/19
Wed 4/21 Multiple regression 4.1    

Lab #10 as .pdf

Lab #10 as .Rmd

Preliminary Data Analysis due

    Warm-up 24: 4/21

Fri 4/23

        HW #10 as .pdf

HW #10 as .Rmd

Mon 4/26 Inference multiple regression 8.3       Father’s Age + Autism Warm-up 25: 4/26
Wed 4/28 catch-up / review     Lab #11 as .pdf

Lab #11 as .Rmd

(not due)


Fri 4/30


Exam 2 (take-home)

      HW #11 as .pdf

HW #11 as .Rmd

(not due)

Mon 5/3 project multiple regression         What are doctor / your obligations?  
Wed 5/5 catch-up / project     Full Draft due no lab due    

Fri 5/7

      Islands Presentation no HW due    


      Final Islands Project due