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Where are they now? PART III

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Kristina McOmber ’12 studied seabirds on Southeast Farallon Island last summer. She is currently in Australia where she has spent most of 2011. She has explored the Great Barrier Reef and has also had some incredible encounters with terrestrial wildlife!

Kristina and SPIDER in Australia!


Laurel McFadden’06 studied little auks in the Arctic in 2005 and 2008. She has rarely been below the Arctic circle since! She spent a year on a Watson grant in Greenland, and the Norwegian, Russian and Canadian Arctic before moving to Alaska. She is currently getting her Master’s of Science degree at Universtiy of Alaska.

Laurel and her dog Biomese in Alaska


Allison Bailey’07 conducted research on little auks in 2006. After graduation she went back to the Norwegian Arctic on a Fulbright grant studying Arctic flora. She then went on to get a Master’s of Science degree at University Center of Svalbard where she studied the winter behavior of zooplankton in Arctic fjords. Allison is currently studying birds in the Sierras where she must be right at home because it is cold and snowy there!

Allison on the ice in a fjord of Svalbard



Christine Cass’05 and Colin Fiske’05 studied grunion and woodrats during the summer of 2005. Christine just finished her doctorate at University of South Florida and next month they will both move back to California where Christine will be a professor in the Oceanography Department at Humbolt State University.

Christine and Colin at a recent wedding

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