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Update From Sea Ranch!

Posted by: ellenh | June 28, 2016 | 1 Comment |

We have a chick! On June 17th, the first Pelagic cormorant chicks were seen at Breakers Reach at Site E, nest #4. There appears to be at least 3 chicks, but may be four. Two days ago (June 26th), I saw the first chick at Site C, which is the site I am doing feeding observations at this summer. That day, I set up my station and started looking at all of the PECO nests. When I got to nest #4, there was a tiny chick peeping out from under its parent, bobbing its head around, looking for something to eat. The following day another chick had hatched at the same nest and I expect a few more from that nest and a few other nests over the next week.

I attempted to take photos through the scope, but as you can tell from the photo below, I haven’t been that successful…


This was an attempted photo of the BLOY nest I have been watching. I am working on my skills and hopefully will get better at this, so more people can see the Pelagic chicks! For now, please enjoy a photo of a banana slug I saw and a beautiful sunset from Sea Ranch!



More photos and updates coming soon!


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