The new Millikan Science Hall houses an excellent planetarium, featuring the latest most immersive technology in digital planetarium software, projection & sound. Our all digital full dome offers audiences unique shows both 2D and 3D.

The theater can host 32 patrons per show and all shows are presented by a live and engaging speaker for a full interactive experience. The planetarium shows will include a 15/20 minute live show followed by a 25/30 minute feature show. The live shows typically starts from the starry sky as you would see it on a clear dark night and travels through our galaxy, highlighting the latest news in space exploration.

The Digital Planetarium theater was built thanks to a generous donation from the Fletcher Jones Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1968 by Fletcher Jones, co-founder of Computer Sciences Corporation. Based in Pasadena, the Foundation’s mission is and has been to support private, independent colleges and universities in California

If you are interested in visiting our facilities, please contact us at

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