April 10, 2010: how time flies – trying to use LaTeX…

We have not been on this blog for almost two months now. I will try to see whether LaTeX works here like it does on Terence Tao’s blog.

As far as I understand we are supposed to write

<p align="center"> $ latex \displaystyle \mathop{\mathbb E}_{x\sim X} f(x):= 1 \ \ \ \ (1)&fg=000000$ </p>

in order to get

\displaystyle \mathop{\mathbb E}_{x\sim X} f(x):= 1  \ \ \ \ (1)

according to this site, maybe we can give it a try here to copy-paste to see if it works the same way.

So here goes:

\displaystyle \mathop{\mathbb E}_{x\sim X} f(x):= 1 \ \ \ \ (1)

What do we see? Nothing too good I am afraid..

How about: 2^{2^k}? Nope, this does not work, either…

I guess I will need to do some more thinking and some more reading…

OK, back again after having taken a look at the WordPress support page on LaTeX. This is supposed to work:

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

But it does not work!! OK, maybe the Pomona IT people will have something to say about this, because it is supposed to be supported by WordPress…

– Pomona IT People

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