This is a site for the Mellon 23 Workshop, “Teaching and Maintaining Mulitdisciplinary First-Year Seminar Programs,” to be held at Pomona College on February 11-12, 2011.

A brief description:

As of August 2009, at least 13 of the Mellon 23 institutions had or were considering implementing programs that require all entering students to take a topic-based, writing-intensive seminar.  Such programs provide many advantages: small class sizes; a focus on critical reading, thinking, writing, and discussion; immediate close contact between faculty and students.   In addition, they typically provide ways for faculty to collaborate pedagogically and to exchange ideas.  This workshop will bring together faculty from a number of Mellon 23 institutions to discuss and reflect on the particular possibilities and challenges of teaching and maintaining such programs.  The institutions include those that have longstanding programs, as well as those whose programs have just been launched and those newly considering such requirements.  Our collaborative and participatory framework allows us to take advantage of these different perspectives.

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