Ajay Satpute



Ph.D., Lab Director

Curriculum Vitae

email: ajay.satpute at pomona.edu

I am an assistant professor at Pomona College in the psychology and neuroscience departments, and director of the PACLAB.  A main focus of our lab is to understand how people classify their subjective experiences into socially meaningful categories, and particularly those  relating to affect (e.g. ‘pleasantness’) and emotion (e.g. ‘anger’ or ‘sadness’). A long-term goal of his work is to enable predictions–using  neuroscience–for the kinds of categories people use to describe their experience.  This may help us understand what another person’s subjective experience is like (i.e. bridging the subjectivity gap), and may also help inform questions of enduring theoretical interest, such as, when do people’s subjective experiences match their behavioral decisions, and whether and how our categories also shape perception experience. To address these questions, our lab uses behavioral techniques couple with neuroimaging techniques, ranging from high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at 7 Tesla to ambulatory imaging using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS).

Current Members

Melis Cakar

Research Assistant

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Alex Lee


Research Assistant
email: sl062013@mymail.pomona.edu
I am a senior at Pomona College majoring in neuroscience. I have been working in Pomona Affect and Cognition Lab since Fall of 2014 and am focusing on projects that study how people ‘value’ different types of emotions and implications of those evaluations.

Susie Lee

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Research Assistant
email: skl12013@mymail.pomona.edu
I am a senior at Pomona College pursuing a major in neuroscience with a minor in computer science. My current research at PAC Lab relates to how a dynamic and predictive model of brain activity can be used to improve brain-computer interface designs, and I am hoping to pursue a career in computational neuroscience.

Aaron Tsai

Hello! My name is Aaron Tsai and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am a senior at Pomona College majoring in neuroscience and minoring in media studies, and my thesis project focuses on examining why and how we have preferences to certain kinds of music. I had the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad at University College London during Spring 2016, so if you have any questions about my experience or traveling in general, hit me up. Outside of academics, you’ll probably find me either eating, playing tennis or basketball, or skating around campus on my small pink Penny board.

Colin Eckstein

Grace Boatman

Candice Yuxi Wang

Kieran McVeigh




Past Members

Rastko Ciric – Pomona College 15′ Neuroscience
Julie Shrieve – Pomona College 15′ Neuroscience
Maxine Garcia – Pomona College 16′ Neuroscience
Vivian Carrillo – Pomona College 16′ Psychology
Fran Querdasi – Pomona College 18′
Jeanie Kim