Learning and Educational Achievement in Pakistan Schools (LEAPS)

The Learning and Educational Achievement in Pakistan Schools (LEAPS) Report provides an overview of the education sector based on the 2003 LEAPS Survey of schools, teachers, children, and households throughout rural Punjab.

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Ongoing Projects Under LEAPS:

Targeted Instruction Project (TIP), LEAPS

Countries around the world are facing a learning crisis. After multiple years of COVID-19-related school closures, average learning levels are low and learning inequality is high. Delivering the standard curriculum is unlikely to address either of these challenges. One of the most promising solutions to this crisis is through targeted instruction (TI), where content is tailored to children’s actual learning levels rather than their age or grade.

A large-scale pilot is currently underway to evaluate the program in two districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP): Peshawar and Mardan. The program aims to get all students caught up to grade level so they can continue their learning journey under the regular curriculum. To help with program administration, the pilot introduces a novel smartphone app for teachers and explores whether technology can better enable teachers to implement remedial education at scale.

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Center for Economic Research (CERP) – Pakistan

The Center for Economic Research, Pakistan (CERP) is a non-profit organization with a mission to encourage economic and social research of the Pakistani economy. Founded in 2008, it aims to investigate actual workings and conditions of the economy’s firms, households, communities and institutions both empirically and statistically. CERP’s goal is to foster academic cooperation and idea-generation that build on constructive thinking and rigorous research for students, academics and researchers alike.

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