French 106 (French Creative Writing)

This semester (fall 2016), for the first time, I am teaching a class in creative writing, “un atelier d’écriture”  It is a daring experience: I have often written and played with fiction, but I have never participated myself in such workshops, and was never taught how to teach or enable this kind of course. However, after now three sessions passed, I am happy of having decided to initiate such a fascinating experience.


(Interestingly enough, the picture which I just found to illustrate this post – I was looking for a “French typewriter”, possibly yellow – adds to the above, as initiating a writing workshop is quite a trip, but also a luxurious one, especially with dedicated and hardworking students such as mine)

(PS: As for the “Olympia”, I am picturing Manet’s infamous odalisque nicely smiling at us, writers in becoming…)