Credits, Acknowledgements and Endnotes

Web Site Credits

Maira Amezcua, Matthew Helm, Editors
Jason Brown, Technical Advisor, Production
Stephanie Valdez, Assistant Editor, Translator
Jessica Correa, Sandra Huerta, Jakeline Molina, Eduardo Gonzalez, Translators
Alma Martínez, M.F.A., Ph.D., Faculty Advisor

Discovery Guide Credits

Gina Alicia Lopéz, Senior Writer and Editor
Lisette Méndez, Researcher and Writer
Claire Ryan, Researcher and Writer
Alma Martínez, M.F.A., Ph.D., Faculty Advisor
Kimiko Broder, Educational Theatre Consultant
Christopher Komuro, Graphic Designer


Judy Baca, SPARC
Frank García Berumen, Ed.D.
Albert Camarillo, Ph.D.
Enrique Castillo
Grace Davila-Lopez, Ph.D.
El Teatro Campesino
Bel Hernández
Janet Johns, Ph.D.
Steve Loza, Ph.D.
Miguel A. Méndez, J.D.
Debra Padilla, SPARC
Catherine Ramírez, Ph.D.
Theresa Rodriguez
Kinan Valdez
Luis & Lupe Valdez
Abriendo Caminos, Migrant Education, Region XI
Pajaro Valley Unified School District
Cesar Chavez Committee of The Claremont Colleges
Department of Theatre & Dance, Pomona College
Zoot Suit Riots, American Experience, Public Broadcasting Service


  1. Commission on Teacher Credentialing and California Department of Education Work Group, 1993
  2. We design lessons: INTO, THROUGH and BEYOND the text in both English and Spanish, drawing on the work of Aída Walqui-van Lier, Director of the Teacher Professional Development Program at WestEd, a nonprofit public research and development agency in San Francisco. We integrate Walqui’s (2006) six instructional scaffolds: modeling, bridging, contextualization, schema building, re-presenting text and developing metacognition in all AC lessons.
  3. Adapted from Kagan, Inc. (1989)
  4. Abriendo Caminos has adapted the concept of literature logs from the work of McGinty and Mendoza-Reis.

The James Irvine Foundation