Welcome to the Pomona Social Cognition & Interaction Lab!

The challenges of racial, ethnic, and cross-cultural integration are among some of the most contentious and complex of the 21st century. Work in our lab explores how dynamics of everyday interactions impact intergroup relations.  Much of our research is guided by two interrelated questions: (1) Why do people seek or avoid intergroup contact? and (2) How do groups influence our impressions, motivations, and beliefs in everyday interactions?  To explore these and other questions, we use a variety of methods, including lab and field experiments, and dyadic and longitudinal approaches.

SCI Lab News!

  • See recent media coverage of a study by Jonathon Schuldt (Cornell Dept. of Communication) and Adam on a curious way that we think about food, dubbed “nutrient-centrism,” in Time and New York Magazine
  • SCI lab member Maddy DeMeules joins Kristina Olson’s Social Cognitive Development Lab at the University of Washington as their lab manager. Congratulations, Maddy!
  • SCI lab members Kajung Hong, Jun Park, and Charmaine Garzon present at the Western Psychological Association conference in Portland (abstracts here). Congratulations KJ, Jun, Charmaine, Maddy, Danielle, and Kristin
  • Registration is now open for the 28th Annual Claremont Symposium on Applied Social Psychology, “Diversity Science,” organized by Adam and Jenessa Shapiro (UCLA).  For a conference schedule, see here
  • Adam and Jon Schuldt’s SPSP symposium on how groups impact sustainability featured in SPSP news (see here and here)
  • SCI lab member Charmaine Garzon among 45 of 500 applicants selected to attend the Harvard Kennedy School 2014 Public Policy and Leadership Conference.  Congratulations, Charmaine!

Recent Symposia & Talks:

Pearson, A. R., & Schuldt, J. P. (Co-Chairs). Bridging Social Divides on Sustainability: New Vistas for Psychological Science. Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY, May, 2015.

Pearson, A. R., & Romero-Canyas, R. (Co-Chairs). Motivating Sustainability through Motivation Science: Evidence from the Lab and Field. 8th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Motivation, New York, NY, May 21, 2015.

Schuldt, J. P., & Pearson, A. R. (May, 2015). The role of race and ethnicity in climate polarization: Evidence from a U.S. national survey experiment. International Communication Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico.