Welcome to CENTRO Research Lab at Pomona College!


CENTRO Research Lab is directed by Dr. Guadalupe A. Bacio and was founded in 2016. The overall goal of the lab is to improve the disparities of Latinx and other under-served minorities in the United States that result from mental health and alcohol/drugs issues. The lab is composed of undergraduate students from the Claremont Colleges. The lab employs multiple methodologies including community-participatory research, laboratory-based tasks, mixed-methods research, and large-scale surveys to study the following areas:

  • Bio-psycho-socio-cultural factors that impact the transition of Latinx adolescents to young adulthood
  • Latinx adolescent mental health and substance use behaviors across generations
  • Disparities related to alcohol and drug use among Latinx adolescents and young adults
  • Culturally responsive intervention services for Latinx and other ethnic minority adolescents
  • School-based services to mitigate disparities experienced by ethnic minority youth with a specific focus on high school and college students

Contact Us

Lab email: centrolab@pomona.edu
Lab phone number: (909) 607-1807
Lab Instagram: @centrolabpomona
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bacio, gbacio@pomona.edu

The lab is located on the first floor of the Lincoln Building in Pomona College at 647 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711.