chen Tzu-Yi Chen (PI)
Yi is a Professor of Computer Science at Pomona College. She received undergraduate degrees in Math and CS from MIT and a PhD in CS from Berkeley. Her research interests include combinatorial scientific computing, complex networks, and computer science education. She is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award, is serving her second term as department chair, and is continually trying to find that mythical work-life balance. She lives with her children ages 5 and 8.
Anastasia Anastasia Voloshinov (Student Researcher)
Anastasia is a junior at Pomona College majoring in computer science. She is responsible for managing the website for this project. Anastasia is the co-vice-chair of the Claremont Consortium ACM-W Chapter, working to organize events and to build community for women in computing. She was a teaching assistant for the introductory CS course. Outside of CS, she enjoys running, trying new cuisine, beach trips, and hanging out with her little sister.
Christina Tong (Student Researcher)
Christina is a junior computer science major at Pomona College. She’s worked as a CS Teaching Assistant and a CS Fellow at Pomona, and as a Software Engineering Intern at Cisco and Applied Instrument Technologies. Christina is also a member of the Pomona College Senate, a public policy enthusiast, and a certified personal trainer.
jennifer Jennifer Nguyen (Student Researcher)
Jennifer is a junior at Pomona College studying computer science. She is a liasion for the department, where she has organized career and technical workshops for students and planned events such as the yearly department retreat. She also works as a teaching assistant for the introductory and data structures courses. Other interests include learning languages (currently German), driving her friends to buy boba, and climbing rocks.