(shorter vita, updated 12/2012)

Eleanor Brown

Department of Economics                                                                            220 West Eighth Street

PomonaCollege                                                                                           Claremont,CA 91711

425 N. College Ave.                                                                                                 (909) 626-6489

Claremont,CA 91711

(909) 607-2810 or 621-8118 phone           (909) 621-8576 fax           




            B.A., Economics, magna cum laude,PomonaCollege, 1975

            M.A., Economics,PrincetonUniversity, 1977

Ph.D., Economics,PrincetonUniversity, 1981


Positions Held


Spring 2010    Visiting Scholar, Center on Philanthropy,IndianaUniversity

Fall 2009         Visiting Scholar, Center on Wealth and Philanthropy,BostonCollege

            1999-present   James Irvine Professor of Economics,PomonaCollege

2001-2002       Faculty Fellow, Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy, USC

1997-1999       Professor of Economics,PomonaCollege

1994-1996       Associate Dean of the College,PomonaCollege

1989-1997           Associate Professor of Economics,PomonaCollege

1986-1989           Assistant Professor of Economics,PomonaCollege

1985-1986           Visiting Assistant Professor and Lecturer,PrincetonUniversity

1981-1985           Assistant Professor and Member, Graduate Faculty, U.Florida

1980-1981           Provisional Assistant Professor,UniversityofFlorida


Research Interests


Personal philanthropy, volunteer labor, nonprofit organizations, intra-household decision making, tax policy


Teaching Experience


Undergraduates:         Principles of microeconomics; intermediate microeconomic theory; urban economics; public finance; economics of gender and family (Economics/Women’s Studies); Freedom, Markets, and Well-Being (senior seminar in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics); senior seminar in economics


Graduates:                  Public Finance II:  Theory of Taxation; Microeconomic Theory I:  Partial Equilibrium Analysis; Microeconomic theory for doctoral students in business; Microeconomic theory for MPA students


Nontraditional:           taught various subjects in summer programs for journalists, high school seniors-to-be, and credit union employees


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Working Papers and Work in Progress


with Christopher Einolf and Mark Wilhelm, “Giving in the United States,” to be                            included in Pamala Weipking and Femida Handy, eds., Generous People, Generous                      Nations.


with Mark Wilhelm and Ye Zhang, “The Relationship Between Giving and Volunteering:   Evidence from COPPS and the PSID,” in progress.


with Richard Steinberg, Ye Zhang, and Patrick Rooney, “Earned, Owned, or Transferred: Are Donations Sensitive to the Composition of Income and Wealth?” March 2012.


“Towards an Economics of Stewardship: Family Failure and the Theory of the Nonprofit Sector,” March 2010.




Edited with Robert L. Moore, Readings, Issues, and Problems in Public Finance, 4th

edition, Richard D. Irwin, 1995.


with Joseph Stiglitz, Instructors’ Manual for Stiglitz, Economics of the Public Sector.


Editorial Positions


2012-               Co-editor, Review of Economics of the Household

2010-               Editorial board, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

1998-2010            Deputy editor, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

1991-1995        Co-editor, Economic Inquiry


External Reviewer for Economics Programs: Bates College, Kenyon College, University of the Pacific, Whitman College, Occidental College, Amherst College


Other Professional Service


Center on Philanthropy, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis:  Associate Project Manger, development of the Center of Philanthropy Panel Study survey module on giving and volunteering for inclusion in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. The COPPS data have been collected as a PSID module since 2001.


Association for the Study of the Grants Economy: officer of the association in various capacities (conference program chair, secretary, president-elect), 2001-present.


Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action: Membership  committee member, 2004; selection committee member, best dissertation award, 2004, 2005; search committee for editor of NVSQ, 2009-2010; selection committee for lifetime achievement award, 2011, 2012.


International Society for Third Sector Research: conference theme co-chair (handling submissions on voluntarism, 2001-2002; member, nominations committee, 2006;; conference planning committee and theme co-chair for submissions on voluntarism and social capital, 2007-2008.




Fetzer Institute, “The Impacts of Religious, Intellectual, and Civic Engagement on Altruistic Love and Compassionate Love as Expressed through Charitable Behaviors,” 2002-2003 (awarded October 2001).


With James Ferris, from the John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation, “Philanthropy and Social Capital inLos Angeles,” 2001-2002.


John Templeton Foundation, Freedom Project, to develop with ProfessorPaul Hurleya course, “Freedom, Markets, and Well-Being,” 1999-2000.


John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation, “Community Service as an Education Requirement:  Will It Breed Volunteers?” summer 1998.

National Science Foundation Research Planning Grant, “Volunteer Labor in Models of

Altruism,” 1991.


John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation, “Volunteer Labor and the Crowding Out of Private Philanthropy by Government Spending,” 1991.


UniversityofSan Francisco, Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management, grant for

“Motivating Factors for Highly Skilled Volunteers:  A Look at Crisis Intervention Volunteers,” 1989.




Best Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly paper of 2007, awarded for “Social Capital and Philanthropy: An Analysis of the Impact of Social Capital on Individual Giving and Volunteering,” coauthored with James Ferris.


Wig Award for Teaching Excellence,PomonaCollege, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009.


Professional Affiliations


American Economic Association

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

Association for the Study of the Grants Economy

Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession

International Association for Feminist Economics

International Society for Third-Sector Research