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— Former research students earn accolades

April 3rd, 2013


One of the best parts of my job as a faculty member is the opportunity I have to perform research with talented students. The group above, which came together to perform a numerical modeling project in the summer of 2011, is a great example… and it has been almost as much fun following their subsequent activities. I reported previously on Ben Murphy ’13 (back, second from right), who won a 2012 Goldwater Scholarship, and I’m very proud to report that Kyle Metcalf ’14 (front, left) now joins him as a 2013 Goldwater recipient. In addition, I am delighted to report that Lorelei Curtin ’13 (back, middle) has been selected as a Fulbright Graduate Scholar, and in that role she will begin research on the lovely South Island of New Zealand next year. My heartfelt congratulations go out to Kyle and Lorelei!

Each student carves their own path forward, and nothing makes me happier than to see individuals tap into their strengths as they pursue their own interests. Shelley Chestler ’12 (front, middle), for example, is now part of the strong graduate program at the University of Washington, where she continues to pursue her interests in quantitative geoscience. Following a very different but equally challenging path, Julita Penido ’12 of Mt. Holyoke (back, second from left) has chosen to pursue her interests in film and theater here in southern California (I can’t help but imagine how great it would be to have an actual scientist playing the lead role in some future geology-themed blockbuster!). Rounding out the group, Gustavo Ruiz ’13 (back, right) and James Muller ’13 (front, right) are still enmeshed in their senior year responsibilities, but as they prepare to make their own leaps forward I am eager to see what these two engaging fellows choose to do next!

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— Students Sought To Join NASA Research

May 28th, 2012


I have recently received two grants from NASA to commence research into

    1. the three-dimensional mechanics of caldera formation; and
    2. the formation and time-dependent evolution of large volcanoes.

If you would like to help advance our knowledge of these two fundamental physical volcanology processes while developing new skills in numerical modeling, GIS mapping and/or planetary remote sensing image analysis, please contact me at any time to discuss the planned research and how you might contribute in more detail. There will be funded opportunities for at least two undergraduate students to participate for eight weeks during each of the next three summers (2013-2015).

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— Murphy (PO ’13) Becomes Goldwater Scholar

May 4th, 2012

Ben Murphy (PO ’13), the lead author presenting summer research results at the 2012 annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, was just selected as a national Goldwater Scholar. Congratulations Ben!

More information:

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— Students Present Summer Research at LPSC

March 25th, 2012

On Tuesday, March 20th, seven students culminated their summer research with Prof. Grosfils by giving a presentation at the 43rd annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, TX. The three attending students (Ben Murphy ’13, Gustavo Ruiz ’13, Kyle Metcalfe ’14) explained the team’s new insights into “Magma Reservoir Rupture Beneath a Venusian Edifice: When Does Lithospheric Flexure Become Significant?” to a variety of interested volcanologists and planetary scientists. The co-authors who couldn’t attend due to prior obligations (Shelley Chestler ’12, Julita Penido ’12 at Mt. Holyoke, Lorelei Curtin ’13, James Muller ’13) were well represented!  Then, to celebrate, the presenters joined other Sagehen alumni attending the conference for some conversation and reminiscing over refreshments: a pleasant conclusion to another ‘stellar’ student research project!

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