Thesis Collaborations

April 29th, 2012
by Eric Grosfils

2017 (on leave, semester)


  • Jack Albright: “Late-Stage Trachyte Dike Emplacement on Banks Peninsula: A Petrologic and Numerical Modeling Investigation”
  • Esme Faneuff: “Characterizing Development of Channelized Lava Flows at Krafla Volcano, Iceland”


  • Robert Goldman: “Assessing the Impact of Volcanic Edifices on Caldera Formation Using 3D Elastic Finite Element Models”


  • Gustavo Ruiz: “Petrographic and Thermal Analysis of the Grant Grove Pluton, Sierra Nevada Batholith, California: Constraints for Geothermal Longevity and Cooling”


  • Shelley Chestler: “Using Numerical Modeling to Explore Intrusion Patterns on Fernandina Volcano, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador” [Journal article]
  • Frank Giron: “Mapping Radiating Dike Swarms Within the Navka Planitia, Carson, Nepthys Mons and Lavinia Planitia Regions of Venus”


  • Logan Schumacher: “Volume Constraint and Triggering Mechanisms of Holocene Age Sector Collapse, Volcan Baru, Panama”
  • Cameron Windham: “Graben-fissure System Mapping of 240-270E by 15N to 15S, Beta-Atla-Themis, Venus: Construction of a Relative Chronology and Implications for the Space-time Distribution of Crustal Magma Chambers”

2009 (on leave, semester)


  • John Baxter: “Radially Fractured Centers on Venus: Testing Uplift vs. Dike Swarm Models of Formation”


  • Debra Hurwitz: “Rupture Location and Orientation of a Magma Reservoir of Various Shapes Beneath an Edifice” [Journal article]
  • Sylvan Long: “The Effect of Mechanically Heterogeneous Host Rock Layers on Magma Reservoir Failure, Host Rock Stress States and Surface Deformation in a Simple Elastic Model” [Journal article]

2006 (on leave, full year)


  • Alice Waldron: “Geophysical surveys of Cyclone Graben, Canyonlands National Park, Utah: Sediment thickness and implications for regional fault displacement estimates”


  • Nobu Koch: “Volcanics of Kick’em Jenny and the Newly Discovered Centers in the Lesser Antilles Volcanic Arc”
  • Scott Pelletier: “Depth of a Breccia Dike Based on Modeling and Field Observations of Eruption Mechanics”
  • Mel Peterson: “Mechanisms of Martian Gully Formation: Comparisons of Features in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres”


  • Anjani Polit: “Possible Origin of Reull Vallis, Mars: A Closed Highland Basin?” [Journal article]


  • Andrew Gordon: “Analysis and Interpretation of Macrorhythmic Units of Gabbro-Diorite Interlayering at Arey Neck, Vinalhaven Island, Maine”
  • Daniel Morgan: “Latitudinal Variation of Ground Ice Indicators in the Arrhenius Region, Mars: Inferences from the Morphology of Impact Craters”
  • Dan Tan: “Characterization of Ridged Plains Materials, North of Arrhenius Region, Mars”
  • Noah Westgate: “Geochemical Exchanges Across Magmatic Interaction Boundaries within the Vinalhaven Island Pluton, Maine”


  • Beth Bradley: “Stratigraphy of Plains Units Near the Crustal Dichotomy and Medusa Fossae Formation, Mars”
  • Andrew Hite: “Small-Scale Topographic Control of Aeolian Features on Mars”
  • Miriam Krause: “Geology of the Hellas Basin Rim, Mars”

1999 (on leave, full year)


  • Karen Jager: “Behavior of Unusual Lava Flow in the Carson Quadrangle, Venus” [Journal article]
  • Bradley Thomson: “The Thickness of Mare Basalts in Imbrium Basin ” [Journal article]