Undergraduate Research

Pomona College

  • FAIM Lab

    Please see the FAIM Lab website for the full list of students I’ve worked with there!

  • Chanha Kim and Jaden Kim, 2020

    Chanha and Jaden put together scripts for synthesizing annotated images of videogames, labeled with which characters are on the screen and where. Their work resulted in a workshop paper and other FAIM lab students are building on it.

  • Taiyang Xiang, 2020

    I supervised Taiyang Xiang’s independent study on the hypothesis that science fiction writing reflects social issues of its time; Tai applied recent research in statistical machine learning and natural language processing to test this well-known and well-regarded claim.

  • Gerard Bentley, 2019–2020

    After graduation, Gerard worked with me as a post-bac for the 2019–2020 school year. We published a workshop paper on a dataset and predictive model for understanding affordances of objects in videogame screenshots—for example, to a game-literate person it is obvious that a doorway represents a way to reach a new area, that buttons are there to be pushed, and that fire is dangerous, and we hope to help AI game players develop this kind of “literacy.” We also collaborated on a followup paper at a conference with colleagues at other institutions.

  • Harry Bendekgey, 2019

    I supervised Harry’s senior thesis project on Dominion player modeling and card choices, which led to a paper at the second Knowledge Extraction from Games workshop!