Facilities and Equipment

The Parfitt laboratory is equipped for both research and teaching, allowing students to develop and perform electrophysiological, behavioral, and biochemical experiments to explore a wide range of current topics in neuroscience.


Richard C. Seaver Biology Building
Rooms 207 and 208
175 West Sixth Street
Claremont, CA 91711

Located at Sixth Street and Harvard Avenue, just west of the Seaver South building.
Campus map: Seaver Biology Building

About the Richard C. Seaver Biology Building:

Equipment and facilities include:

  • One standard patch clamp/intracellular/extracellular electrophysiology rig with an Axoclamp 2B amplifier, Brownlee amplifier, Axon instruments signal isolation units, National Instruments A to D/D to A hardware, and Labview data acquisition and analysis software.
  • Seven intracellular/extracellular electrophysiology rigs with Dagan IX1 amplifiers and Powerlab (AD Instruments) interfaces, used with Powerlab Scope and Chart programs.
  • Microcentrifuges, balances, plate reader, etc. for doing biochemical assays.
  • Hippocampal dissection equipment.
  • A Morris water maze with HVS Image computerized tracking system.
  • Access to Drosophila facilities and a confocal microscope.
  • AAALAC-approved animal care facility available in the Biology department.