Research Interests

Bank Lending, Financial Institutions, Information in Markets

Zemel, M. and Zhang, T. The Effect of the Liberalization of the Chinese Stock Market on Returns. [forthcoming, Applied Economics Letters] 

Goel, M. and Zemel, M. 2018. Switching to Bonds When Loans Are Scarce: Evidence From Four U.S. Crises. Journal of Corporate Finance, 52, 1-27. 

Zemel, M. 2018. The Information Content of Loan Growth in Banks. The Quarterly Journal of Finance, 8(2), 1-32.

Working Papers
"Firms of a Feather Merge Together: Information Flows, Familiarity Bias, and M&A Outcomes" (with Manaswini Bhalla, Manisha Goel, and Teja Konduri)

"Firm Debt Outcomes in Crises: The Role of Lending and Underwriting Relationships" (with Manisha Goel)

Work in Progress

"Common Factors Affecting IPO and Entrepreneurship Decline" (with Manisha Goel)

“Aggregate Loan Performance as a Financial Indicator” 

"Reference Point Pricing: Evidence from M&A Sales Processes" (with Caleb Stroup and Anna Cox)"

"Relationship bank industry expertise and M&A performance of borrowers" (with Gabriela Coiculesu)