Sara Rose Masland, Ph.D. (Curriculum Vitae) is an associate professor of psychological science at Pomona College and a licensed clinical psychologist. She earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Harvard University and her B.A. from Bowdoin College. Her research includes four primary tracks: 1) improving the understanding and treatment of borderline personality disorder and personality disorders generally; 2) mental illness stigma, particularly as it relates to personality disorders; 3) non-suicidal self-injury; and 4) the perception of criticism in close relationships and its implications for psychopathology. She can be reached at

Research Assistants

Aiste Abeciunaite is a junior at Pomona College.

Laura Furtado Fernandes is a junior at Pomona College.

Sara Garza Gonzalez is a junior at Pomona planning to major in Psychological Science and minor in French and Gender & Women’s Studies. She is an international student from Tampico, Mexico, where she spends most of her time at the beach with her friends or family. Her research interest includes how clinical psychology intersects with gender, race, and culture, and how this information can inform clinicians’ practices. Sara spends her free time listening to music on Pomona’s courtyards with friends and rewatching favorite TV shows.

Kate Jones is a senior at Pomona College from Seattle, Washington. She is majoring in Psychological Science with a minor in English, and her research interests surround psychopathology and the body, including appearance modifications, non-suicidal self-injury, and body-focused repetitive behavior disorders. Outside of the lab, her interests include running, reading (and drawing!) comics, and baking elaborate desserts.

Hannah Peeples is a senior at Pomona College from Savannah, Georgia. She is majoring in Psychological Science. Her research interests are primarily in clinical and personality psychology, wherein she has discovered a particular enjoyment in analyzing data. She enjoys reading various types of essays and novels, photography, involvement in religious life on campus, and watching long video essays.


Charlston Stovall is a senior at Pomona College.


Collaborators (Past and Present)

Psychological science requires a team effort! We collaborate with a number of labs/institutions.

Former Lab Members

  • Cleo Berliner (PO ’19)
  • Mackenzie Cummings (PO ’19)





  • Youssef El Mosalami (PO ’24)






  • Sarah Etuk (PO ’19)





  • Janelle Herring (PO ’21)






  • Evan Iliakis (PO ’18)





  • Thea McAfee (PO ’23)






  • Maggie McBride (PO ’23)
  • Chloe Lambrinidou (PO ’21)





  • Shirley Liu (PO ’19)




  • Kaylee Null (PO ’20)





  • Georgia Ryan (PO ’23)






  • Ananya Saluja (PO ’22)





  • William Sapolsky (PO ’20)
  • Sophie Schnell  (PO ’22)
  • Anna Sipowicz (PO ’22)




  • Tanya Shah (PO ’21)




  • Siena Van Sickle (Scripps ’22)
  • Danielle West (PO ’21)