I have taught physics at Pomona College since 1987, after teaching at Carleton College and Luther College. Since I began research work at Yale in 1978, my research specialty has been gravitational waves in the theory of general relativity. Since my involvement with the Introductory University Physics Project starting in 1987, I have also been very interested in physics education. I have written three textbooks, A General Relativity Workbook, Six Ideas That Shaped Physics, and A Traveler’s Guide to Spacetime. I teach a variety of courses at Pomona: the courses I am teaching this semester (Fall 2019) are

  • Physics 170 (Quantum Mechanics)
  • Physics 160 (General Relativity)

I will be on sabbatical the Spring 2020 semester.

My hobbies are hiking, reading, contra dancing, and traditional Irish music. My wife is a retired pastor and I have two adult daughters, Allison and Brittany.