I’m the Director of Pomona’s Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) and the college’s Associate Director of Language Instruction. My background is in Educational Technology and German Studies and enjoy the challenge of learning a new language and figuring out new technologies, which is a perfect combination for language technology and the FLRC. In addition to German, I also speak Spanish and have dabbled in Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, and Swedish. I also have a background in Wilderness Education, but I still haven’t figured out a good way to integrate that with what I do at the college.

If you are interested in ways to integrate technology into the language classroom, or any class, or perhaps just chat about technology (any! i.e. record players, iOS, android, pcs, macs, web browsers, FTL drives) or languages (acquisition/pedagogy/literature/linguistics) or even the outdoors 🙂 please feel free to stop by Mason Hall. I’m usually in my office or the FLRC.