These are resources/tool that I enjoy using. Some are technology related and some are not.

E-Learning Website:
Khan Academy – provides videos to learn a myriad of things.

The History of Rome – great podcast covering will the history of Rome. Also on iTunes.
The History of Byzantium – continues the history of the (Eastern) Roman Empire and wraps up the lose ends from Mike Duncan’s History of Rome. Also on iTunes.
Revolutions – another great podcast by Mike Duncan on the various political revolutions. Also on iTunes.

VoiceThread: a neat site that allows you to create collaborative digital stories/group conversations.
Library of Congress Digital Jukebox: historical recordings from all over the world.
1Password – my prefered password manager.
DaisyDisk – used to hunt down where my disk space is going on my mac.
Evernote – note, organizational, and archiving tool.
F.Lux – app that adjusts the color of your display/monitor according to the time of day. Designed to reduce eye strain in the evening and minimize the disruption of your sleep patterns from the blue light normally produced by our lcd screen-bearing gadgets. This function is built into the current macOS, but this gives me finer control of the transition.

Useful Websites I frequent:
Gizmodo – technology and “design” blog. Has primarily technology articles, but some posts that are just tangentially related to technology.
Engadget – technology blog covering primarily gadgets, consumer electronics. Articles often overlap with Gizmodo.
Lifehacker – blog about “life hacks,” also covering a wide range of  topics including technology.
io9 – blog focusing on science fiction, fantasy, futurism, science, technology, and related topics.
Boing Boing – blog that started out as a zine in 1988. Tends to cover technology, futurism, science fiction, intellectual property, and left-wing politics.
Consumerist – consumer affairs blog, a subsidiary of Consumer Reports.