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Current Members:

Anna Dowling (’17) – Community Analysis

Daniel To (’17) – Electrochemistry/Enzymology

Michael Ko (’18) – Electrochemistry/Enzymology

Sherwin Shabdar (’18) – Enzymology

Angela Ling (’19) – Electrochemistry/Enzymology

Erin Su (’19) – Community Analysis

Maxim Leshchinskiy (’19) – Enzymology

Sami Abujbarah (’19) – Microbiology

The lab – 2016

lab pic 2016

From left to right: Jerry Lee (Mobio ’16), Daniel To (Chem ’17), Eric Wuyi Li (Mobio ’16), E.J. Crane, Marlie Shelton (Bio ’16), Anna Dowling (Mobio ’17), Maxim Leshchinskiy (Undeclared ’18)

The lab – 2011


salton sea summer 2011

The lab – graduates 2011


From left to right: Kyu Hyun (Kelvin) Lee, Danny Lawrence,
Drexel Proctor, E.J. Crane, Johnson Trang

The lab – 2010


From left to right, front:  Karlo Lopez, Jane Xu, Laura Berman,
Emily Brotman, Megan Warner; back , Danny Lawrence,
Johnson Trang, Kyu Hyun (Kelvin) Lee, Scott Humbarger, E.J. Crane

The lab – 2009

lab 2009

From left to right, front:  Johnson Trang, Kyu Hyun (Kelvin) Lee,
Stephanie Shusta, E.J. Crane; back:  Sanna Herwald, Megan
Warner, Raj Bhanvadia, Scott Humbarger,  Sophia Crane

The lab – 2008


From left to right:  Emily Knouf, Caroline Small, E.J. Crane,

Evan Hall, Vinita Lukose

Some Past Lab Members:

Karlo Lopez – Currently Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Cal State Bakersfield

Angela Beckon (’09) – Thesis Title:  Characterization of a Novel Thermophile from the Salton Sea Mud Volcanoes

Raj Bhanvadia (’10) – Thesis Title: Characterization of NADH dependent polysulfide reductase (Npsr)

Ganesh Davendra (‘05) – M.D., Northwestern, 2011, Currently a cardiology resident at the University of California, San Francisco.  Thesis Title:

Courtney Davis (’05) – Thesis Title:  Currently at

Kathryn Davis (’00) – Salisbury University Lab

Dennis Harris (’02) – Salisbury University Lab – Ph.D. in biochemistry from University of Wisconsin, Madison

Sanna Herwald (’10)

Charles Hummel (’06) – Currently in the MD/Ph.D. program at UCLA. Thesis Title:

Emily Knouf (’10) – Currently a graduate student in the Department of Microbiology, University of Wisconsin at Madison.  Thesis Title:

Kyle Lancaster (’05) – Ph.D., CalTech, 2011, Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell.  Thesis Title:

Kyu Hyun (Kelvin) Lee (’11) – Currently in the Korean Army, will be attending graduate school at Cal Tech.  Thesis Title:

Gina Lewin (’10) – Currently in Ph.D. pathology program at the University of Washington.  Thesis Title:

Chantal Mayers (’00) – Salisbury University Lab

Michael Mullendore (’01) – Salisbury University Lab

Drexel Proctor (’11) – Currently in medical school at the University of Texas, Austin.  Thesis title:

Vinita Lukose (’09) – Currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry, MIT. Thesis Title: Characterization of an NADH-dependent polysulfide reductase (Npsr) from Shewanella loihica PV-4

Andrew Sandstrom (’06)

Johnson Trang (’11) – Currently at Deloit and Touche. Thesis title:

Lynn Sanford (’09) – Thesis Title: Differentiation of polysulfide reductase from dimethyl sulfoxide reductase and formate dehydrogenase using protein sequence analysis

Stephani Shusta (’10, Harvey Mudd College) – Currently in graduate school in the Microbiology Department of UC Santa Barbra.  Thesis Title: Characterization of a Thermophilic Bacterium from the Salton Sea Mud Volcanos

Caroline Small (’08) – Currently in Pharmacy School at .  Thesis Title:

Megan Warner (’10) – Currently in the Department of Biology, MIT – Thesis Title: