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News from the 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Meet Zora!

Posted by: nina-karnovsky | July 6, 2022 | No Comment |

Hello! My name is Zora’26.  I am so excited to be leading the project focused on conservation of the Western Pond Turtles.

So far we have captured two Western Pond Turtles. This was an exciting find, especially since one was a female and the other was a male.  We captured the turtle who was original rescued from the Victoria Gardens Mall, who we named Victoria, and another turtle trapped in 2010! Later in the week we caught three invasive species: a red-eared slider, a large mouthed bass and a bullfrog. This study will help us in determining the survival of the Western Pond turtles. I cannot wait to tell you more about our turtle adventures!

Heading out to check for turtles.

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