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News from the 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Meet Philip!

Posted by: nina-karnovsky | July 9, 2022 | No Comment |

Philip mapping a woodrat nest at the Bernard Field Station.

My name is Philip  (PO ’24) and I’m majoring in Biology. This summer I’ve learned so much from getting to work in the field! Of particular interest to me is our woodrat project, in which we’re mapping the current distribution of woodrat nests (“huts”) in the Bernard Field Station. We’re using ArcGIS mapping software to assess change in hut distribution and condition, among other data, over time. It’s been quite some time since the woodrat huts have been surveyed, so I’m very interested to see how much the huts have changed over the years.

Finding our way to huts mapped in 2005 (Zora left, Philip right)


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