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Learning Tools

Below are links to some websites and learning resources that students of Japanese may find useful to their studies.


Denshi Jisho: Online Japanese Dictionary


Free offline Japanese/English and Kanji dictionary for Mac OS X

Japanese Educational Institutions and Opportunities

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Administered every December, students can take the JLPT at USC in Los Angeles.

MEXT Graduate Studies Scholarship

Japanese government scholarship that provides funding for up to three years of study at national universities.

The Japan Foundation


Aozora Bunko

Fantastic online library containing classic works of Japanese literature that are in the public domain

National Diet Library

Japan’s national library, a great research resource

National Institute of Japanese Literature

The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature



Website displaying the headlines of Japan’s top three papers: Asahi, Nikkei, and Yomiuri

Asahi Shimbun (Japanese) (English)

Japan’s leading daily newspaper

Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japanese) (English)

Japan’s leading business paper

The Japan Times

English-only daily from Japan

Japanese Media

NHK Broadcasting

Pomona Links

Oldenborg Center

The Pacific Basin Institute

Asian Languages & Literatures Department

Asian Studies Department