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Articles in English

“Kôda Rohan’s Literary Debut (1889) and the Temporal Topology of Meiji Japan,” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 67:2 (December 2007), 375-419.  Download Part: 1 2 3

“Meiji Japan’s Y23 Crisis and the Discovery of the Future; Suehiro Tetchô’s Nijûsan-nen mirai- ki.”   Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 60: 1 (June 2000), 5-43.

“In Praise of Female Valor: Meiji Women in Chikanobu’s Prints.” Chikanobu: Modernity and Nostalgia in Japanese Prints. Ed. by Bruce Coats.  Leiden: Hotei; Abingdon: Marston, 2006, 145-151.

Major articles in Japanese

“Kôda Rohan to mirai (Kôda Rohan and the Future).” Bungaku 16:1 (January-February, 2005), 120-133. Download

“Mirai-ki no jidai” (The Era of Mirai-ki [Records of the Future]). Bungaku 9:4 (Autumn 1998), 28-38. Download


Hidden Flowers (Matsumoto Seichô’s Inka no kazari).  Five stories from the collection co-translated from the Japanese with James Lipson. Matsumoto Seichô: Promotion of Research Fellowship Report, 8 (January 2008), 1-61.  Kita-Kyushu: Matsumoto Seichô Memorial Museum.

The Icon of Liberty (Kôda Rohan’s Fûryûbutsu, 1889).  Co-translated from the Japanese with James Lipson. The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature.  Columbia University Press, 2005, 105-152.