The Decroux Sourcebook

cover of the decroux sourcebook The Decroux Sourcebook is the first point of reference for any student of the “hidden master” of twentieth century theatre.

This book collates a wealth of key material on Etienne Decroux, including:

  • an English translation of Patrice Pezin’s “Imaginary Interview”, in which Decroux discusses mime’s place in the theatre
  • previously unpublished articles by Decroux from France’s Bibiothèque Nationale
  • essays from Decroux’s fellow innovators Eugenio Barba and Edward Gordon Craig, explaining the synthesis of theory and practice in his work.

Etienne Decroux’s pioneering work in physical theatre is here richly illustrated not only by a library of source material, but also with a gallery of images following his life, work and influences.

The Decroux Sourcebook is an ideal companion to Thomas Leabhart’s Etienne Decroux in the Routledge Performance Practitioners series, offering key primary and secondary resources to those conducting research at all levels.