with Miguel Tinker Salas Trumplandia:  The US and Latin America in the Age of Smoke and Mirrors






California: On the Road Histories

(Interlink Books, 2012)

This is a wonderful history of the state, beautifully illustrated. . . . The smart and generous text is always grounded in the various regions of the glorious land itself, and in evocative descriptions of roadside places that can still be visited and explored.
— Kim Stanley Robinson, Award winning Authorof many works including Three Californias

The history of California has been written many times, but Victor Silverman and Laurie Glover have authored an exceptional one for our times. . . . a wonderful companion for taking “on the road.”
— Stephen Aron, Professor of History, UCLA and Chair, Institute for the Study of the American West, Autry National Center.



Imagining Internationalism in American British Labour, 1939-49 

(University of Illinois Press, 2000)

 is now available for reading online at Google Books or for purchase from,, or other online sellers

[A] carefully researched, well argued and thoroughly interesting book which adds greatly to our understanding of a world of working class idealism that has been largely forgotten.
— Peter Weiler, Boston College

Fascinating and engagingly written
— Geert Van Goethem, Institute for Social History, Amsterdam

A well-crafted, fully engaged historical argument that all students fo the postwar world must confront.
— Nelson LIchtenstein, UC Santa Barbara



Front Page: A Collection of Historical Headlines from the Los Angeles Times

(Los Angeles Times 2003) is not available, unfortunately.  Suggest to the LA Times that they produce another version!

Email Publisher Ross Levinsohn or Editor Lewis D’Vorkin and bring it back by popular demand!