Educational Research in the Liu Lab

Prof. Liu and the 2018 class of Analysis of Scientific Literature at the course poster session!
CHEM 181 – Chemical Biology, Spring 2017

The Liu Lab also does discipline-based educational research! Prof. Liu is constantly experimenting with pedagogy, adapting and adopting practices published by educational researchers, and assessing the results. In the past, the lab developed an antimicrobial peptide-synthesis lab for Organic Chemistry.

Some current projects include:

  • Assessing how students learn to engage with primary scientific literature
  • Evaluating self-assessed learning gains in biochemistry
  • Improving molecular visualization skills through AR (the PI of this project is Prof. Rou-Jia Sung)
  • Interventions that can increase equity and inclusion in chemistry and STEM

If you’re generally interested in education (particularly STEM education), check out these resources: