Liu Lab Summer 2018: (Clockwise from bottom left) Christina Beck (’20), Maryann Zhao (’18), Jane Liu, Theo Lang (’19), Mark Zhang (’17).
  • Katie Page (’17), Jeremy Shaffer (’15), Samuel Lin (’20) and Mark Zhang (’17)  had their work, Engineering Riboswitches in Vivo Using Dual Genetic Selection and Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting, published in ACS Synthetic Biology!! (August 2018)
  • Mark Zhang (’17)  presented his work at ASM Microbe 2018 in Atlanta, GA!! (June 2018)
  • Congratulations 2018 Graduates Sabrina Mendez-Contreras, Jessica Wang and Maryann Zhao!! (May 2018)
  • Sabrina Mendez-Contreras (’18), Katie Page (’17),  Jessica Wang (’18), Mark Zhang (’17), and Maryann Zhao (’18)  all presented their work at the 2018 ASBMB Meeting in San Diego, CA!! (April 2018)
  • Christina Beck (’20)  was awarded a Beckman Scholarship!! (March 2018)
  • Katie Page (’17), Jeremy Shaffer (’16) and Samuel Lin (’20) had their work presented at the 5th Meeting on Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea in Seville, Spain!! (March 2018)
  • Professor Liu  was promoted to Associate Professor with indefinite tenure!! (December 2017)
  • Sabrina Mendez-Contreras (’18)  presented her work at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Phoenix, AZ!! (November 2017)
  • Christina Beck (’20), Theodore Lang (’19) and Mark Zhang (’17)  presented their work at the Southern California American Society for Microbiology (SCASM) 2017 Meeting in San Diego!! Mark was awarded a Best Poster Prize!! (October 2017)
  • Tanner Byer (’17), Jessica Wang (’18), Mark Zhang (’17), Anna Blachman (’16), Naomi Vather (’15) and Bryan Visser  had their work, MtlR negatively regulates mannitol utilization by Vibrio cholerae published in Microbiology!! (October 2017)